Compassion Meditation: Exploring Compassion as a Commitment and a Practice

A 5-week course for new and experienced meditators.

“Compassion is knowing your darkness well enough that you can sit in the dark with others.”

– Pema Chodren

Open to new and experienced meditators including MBSR alums, the intention of this course is to cultivate our capacity for kindness and compassion. By recognizing the light and dark in our shared humanity, participants are encouraged to practice kindness and care for ourselves as well as others. When aligned with a sense that we’re all inextricably linked by a power greater than us, it’s possible to attune to that power and become grounded in compassion and belonging.
This course is for anyone who is open to exploring meditation and self-reflection as a portal to human connection and compassionate action.

Next Class: Future class dates TBD.  Questions or requests for this course, contact Kay
Class Location: Shallowford Presbyterian Church, 2375 Shallowford Road, Atlanta
Course Tuition: $150