New Course Offerings

Compassion Meditation: Exploring Compassion as a Commitment and a Practice

A 5-week course for new and experienced meditators.

“Compassion is knowing your darkness well enough that you can sit in the dark with others.”

– Pema Chodren

Open to new and experienced meditators including MBSR alums, the intention of this course is to cultivate our capacity for kindness and compassion. By recognizing the light and dark in our shared humanity, participants are encouraged to practice kindness and care for ourselves as well as others. When aligned with a sense that we’re all inextricably linked by a power greater than us, it’s possible to attune to that power and become grounded in compassion and belonging.
This course is for anyone who is open to exploring meditation and self-reflection as a portal to human connection and compassionate action.

Next Class: Tuesdays, September 11, 2018 – October 9, 2018.  Questions or requests for this course, contact Kay
Class Location: Shallowford Presbyterian Church, 2375 Shallowford Road, Atlanta
Course Tuition: $150

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A Mindfulness Refresher: A 21-Day Journey of Mindful Connection, Renewal, and Support

MBSR Alums and Mindfulness Meditation practitioners: Let’s recommit to waking up to the fullness of life by “being the change you wish to see in the world.” Never has there been a more important time to join together as a community of practice through a 21 day journey of mindful connection, renewal, and support. Twentyone days can create a habit! If you’d like to reinvigorate or deepen your personal practice and your capacity for kindness, compassion, and peace that passes understanding, this four-week course is designed for you!

This course is for anyone who has taken an experiential course on mindfulness, including all MBSR graduates. We will revisit mindfulness practices including sitting and walking practice and mindful yoga, along with practices for gratitude, kindness, and compassion. Reflections will include poetic inquiry and discussions will focus on attitudes and routines that support ongoing practice and the cultivation of kindness and wholehearted awareness.

Next Class: See current course offerings! Questions or requests for this course, contact Kay
Class Location: Shallowford Presbyterian Church, 2375 Shallowford Road, Atlanta
Course Tuition: $100

A complimentary day of Mindfulness will be held on Saturday, March 17, 2018. This is not a requirement of the class.

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Mindfulness-based Stress Resilience: Foundations in meditation grounded in gratitude, generosity, gentleness, and grace.

Mindfulness-based Stress Resilience is a 4-week interactive program informed by the teaching, research, and design of Mindfulness-based Stress Reduction (MBSR). MBSR is an evidence-based program that’s taught in major health centers worldwide, as designed by Jon Kabat-Zinn at University of Massachusetts Medical School in 1979. Like all skills, the skills of mindfulness and wellbeing require practice, so this education offering unfolds over four weeks.

Course Outline and Themes

Class One: Foundations of Mindfulness and Coming to Your Senses. Introduction to mindfulness meditation and gentle mindful movement.
Class Two: Stress Resilience. Cultivating gratitude, kindness, and compassion. How we pay attention matters!
Class Three: Perception, mental maps, and attitude. Responding vs. reacting, investigating conditioned patterns.
Class Retreat: A day of silence and guided meditation to deepen and strengthen practice. Includes sitting and walking meditation, mindful movement, and mindful eating.
Class Four: Mindful relationships. Deep listening, reflection, and attuned communication.Integrating mindfulness into daily life. Establishing habits of renewal and reflection.

Class Schedule: Thursdays, March 1, 2018 through March 22, 2018; 11:30 am-1:30 pm
Meditation Retreat: Saturday March 17, 2018; 9:30 am-3:30 pm
Class Location: All classes will meet in Heritage Hall at Shallowford Presbyterian Church.
Course Tuition: $150

All participants who are “graduates” of this course will be invited back to any MBSR class retreat day offered as a complimentary day to deepen and renew their practice.

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Kay also teaches the full 8-week MBSR program at Shallowford, so if you’re interested in future 8-week classes, contact Kay Stewart.

Mindfulness-based Stress Resilience (MBSR) is offered through the Shallowford Family Counseling Center, a ministry of Shallowford Presbyterian Church in Atlanta.

Note: Fees for MBSR through Shallowford Family Counseling Center are significantly reduced (based on fees for other MBSR programs), as our intention is to make the program widely available to all who could benefit. If necessary, please contact Robby Carroll to discuss alternative payment arrangements.

Facilitator Information

Kay Stewart, M.Ed.,  facilitates mindfulness programs through the Shallowford Family Counseling Center. Kay has received professional training through the Center for Mindfulness at UMASS Medical Center and has 26 years’ experience teaching health and fitness on faculty at Emory University.  Since completing graduate studies in Mindfulness and Contemplative Education in May 2013, she has partnered Shallowford to offer educational programming that cultivates inner resources for reflection, renewal, and resilience.  For more information go to

If you have questions, contact Kay Stewart.